Duetto is the double chamber oven that revolutionise the outdoor cooking world: an innovative design for the earliest cooking instrument.

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Product Description

Duetto, the oven that makes pizza at home, is a two-in-one oven for cooking pizzas or mixed grills over a direct flame, or cooking roasts, bread or cakes in a brick oven.
Up to three pizzas and six baking trays at the same time.

It cooks either by direct flame or by firebricks. A small amount of wood is required to rapidly reach the right cooking temperature.

The fire burning in the bottom oven, called “Fiamma”, is intended for direct cooking.

The cooking floor of the top oven, called “Mattone”, heats up very quickly thanks to the firebricks placed above the flames of the bottom chamber.

The “Fiamma” oven is designed to bake crisp pizzas, vegetables, meat and dishes that need direct cooking. The “Mattone” oven, based on the heat released by firebricks, cooks bread, cakes and other dishes needing indirect cooking.

Duetto, the wood-fired oven for bread, holds the heat for a long time. So you can cook even with the fire out. The glass ceramic doors allow you to control the cooking at a glance without opening the door and keeping a steady internal temperature. Duetto is designed for two kinds of traditional cooking methods: as a result you will be able to prepare an endless array of dishes, your food will be enriched with fragrant scents and surrounded by bright smiles.


Duetto is made of stainless steel and powder-coated elements that are resistant to high temperatures.The bottom cooking floor is made of interchangeable firebricks arranged on two layers, each one 3 cm. thick.

The top cooking floor is made of interchangeable firebricks arranged on three layers, each one 3 cm. thick.

The firebricks store heat and convey it from the bottom upwards to cook the food.

The “Mattone” oven is equipped with a sliding and removable stainless steel floor that allows you to easily put the dishes in the oven.

The stainless steel dome is designed to reach high temperatures with a minimum consumption of firewood.

The ceramic fibre insulation ensures a long-lasting heat inside the oven.

Duetto, the oven designed to make pizza and bread at home, is equipped with a pyrometer to check the temperature of the combustion chamber at a glance.

The doors are equipped with ergonomic wooden handles to adjust the opening and to regulate the draught of the oven.

The “Fiamma” oven door has a stainless steel knob to adjust the opening and to regulate the draught and the internal temperature.

The 4 built-in casters facilitate the handling of the oven.

You can move it and relocate it wherever you wish.

The Duetto oven is delivered ready to use. You only have to install the flue.

Technical details

Minutes to heat up 30 / 45
No. of pizzas at a time 3
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes 12
Bread baking 5 kg
Average consumption 6,1 kg/h
Floor area 0,32 / 0,45 m2
Cooking floor 60×70 / 50×70
Flue Ø 18,0
Width 91,2 cm
Depth 92,1 cm
Total height 253 cm
Weight 292 kg
Mouth width 57,5 / 55,3 cm
Mouth height 22,6 / 29,2 cm
Available colours gray


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