19 April 2017

Dual cooking ovens

Our special and patented double chamber ovens give the opportunity to cook with direct or indirect contact to the flame, for cooking either slowly or quickly.

You can make pizza or bake a cake at the same time, that means lots of flavour for your family, and less work for you.
The innovative double chambered wood-fired ovens are the most productive ovens in the world thanks to the patented combustion chamber air flow.

Natural elegance in your kitchen


Its style makes every kitchen feel elegant, Duetto wood fired pizza oven & more is perfect for every locations: in the country, in the city, by the sea or in the mountains. Its soft lines surround the fire create a cosy atmosphere. The elegant finishes and gray color make this wood fired pizza oven a luxury piece of furnishing that fits in every kitchen, and cook traditional meals full of taste and flavours. Craft tradition and design culture are the authentic expression of the “Made in Italy” label for this patented multicooking oven.

Refined style for your home


Innovative design and a unique style for Duettino the double chamber wood fire oven to give an extra touch to your environment. A new concept for kitchen living where this elegant and power pizza oven with a linear and minimalist design allows you to cook food in a direct and indirect way thanks to the patented multi-cooking system and at the same time working as a real stove heating the room . Duettino will be the star of your home.